Community Learning Online – Exploring Self Portrait through Collage

Course overview

Explore and create your self-portrait using all sorts of materials!

This self-directed online workshop will offer you an opportunity to have fun experimenting using all sorts of materials that you can find in your home: cardboard, magazines, text, grey board, in fact anything that you can glue onto a surface, whilst creating your very own unique self-portrait.

A collage is a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing.

You will explore self-portraits, use selfies taken from your phone, explore artists that used collage in their creative process and will end up creating your own unique self portrait in collage form.

Have fun and enjoy experimenting!

This is one of our Community Learning courses.

Our Community Learning programme offers a series of free, government-funded courses to develop skills, knowledge, confidence and improve mental well-being for adults.

Participation can help those managing mental health conditions that have a mild-moderate impact on their day-to-day lives. You need to be aged 19 or over (at the start of the course) AND:

•employed and earning an annual salary of less than £20,319 or
•unemployed, in receipt of state benefit and looking for work
•have a social or emotional difficulty, or challenges with mental health or emotional wellbeing

For further details and terms and conditions please view our Community Learning page.

This self-directed workshop will take and talk you through the whole process from start to end to help you on your journey of exploring collage and self-portrait.

This is supported by a downloadable PowerPoint that will support your learning.

Whilst our experienced artist tutor will tell you more about Psychiatry Dr Freud’s theory about the Id, Ego and Self, you will explore the different faces/masks we all have and use in our daily lives. This is a natural coping mechanism: We “often hide behind a mask” and do not show our true self; we put on a mask in different situations. For example, we may act differently as a parent, friend, or work colleague.

You will cover:

  • brief introduction to Freud and the Id, Ego and link to the ‘self’
  • how to use your sketchbook to support creating your images
  • how to create layers and to become more abstract in your thinking creatively
  • information about artists that you can research to find out more about collage and self portraits
  • Please bring an apron or wear old clothes
  • Cardboard, such as grey board to be the base for your work, A3 or A4 in size
  • PVA glue or glue stick
  • Paintbrushes to apply glue
  • Acrylic paints but not essential (depends if you want to use these as well)
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife/spare blades
  • Cutting board or use an old chopping board
  • Paper that is over 100gsm (it will not tear when using glue)
  • Gather anything that you think you may wish to incorporate into your picture
  • Photocopies/ prints/ old photos of images of yourself, selfie from phone or camera
  • Paper cartridge such as A4 or A3 at least 100gsm paperweight
  • Old magazines/ newspapers that you can cut out for text or other images

This self-directed workshop is for beginner and/or those wishing to refresh their skills. No prior knowledge and experience are required, just an interest and curiosity to experiment and learn new creative techniques. Gather simple ideas and images that will help you create your self-portrait. If you do not have images of yourself and do not have access to a printer, why not have a go at drawing yourself in front of a mirror and use this within your collage. The possibilities are limitless.

Health and Safety

If you are using the craft knife to cut out and you do not have a cutting board you can use an old chopping board. Always cut away from your body and do not place your fingers anywhere near the blade. Ensure you do not use a blunt blade.

If using glue or paints, ensure you are in a ventilated room.

Wear non latex gloves if you have any allergies to glues/paints.

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