CACHE Award in Helping Skills Level 2 (Evening) Group 2A

Course overview

For individuals who have an interest in developing their self awareness, skills, professional knowledge, and an ethical understanding of counselling. The course focuses on the development of counselling skills and an exploration of personal awareness.

Counselling is in demand in a multitude of institutions, such as hospitals, schools, GP and business settings and this course provides an ideal knowledge base to start your career! The course is part of the full complement of counselling training qualifications available at Guildford College up to Counselling BA (Hons).

Open to anyone over 21 with an interest in self development and acquiring practical helping skills. Ideal for anyone wishing to progress to further training in counselling skills.

Mini lectures, skills training experiential exercises in small and whole groups, discussion groups. Homework: Weekly assignments varying throughout the duration of the course. Between 3–5 hrs per week.

These courses are open to anyone over 21 with an interest in developing their understanding of counselling skills and theory. You must start at level 1/2 unless you have already completed a certificate in counselling skills (with a minimum of 70 hours of training) in which case you may enter the course at level 3.

A copy of the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice is required.

Successful completion of the course forms a sound base from which to pursue counselling skills and theory training at Level 3.

Course Starts in 109 Days
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