Beginners Guide to Keeping a Tortoise

Course overview

Did you know that prehistoric relatives of tortoises roamed the earth at the same time as dinosaurs? Pretty awesome right! Tortoises are very interesting animals to care for, but they are also high maintenance, as they are kept outside of their natural climate.

Caring for a tortoise as a pet is a great commitment and should not be taken lightly, however, it is also an incredibly rewarding experience.

During this course you will learn about five of the common species that are kept as pets; Red foot tortoises, Horsfield tortoises, Hermann tortoises, Spur thigh tortoises and Sulcata tortoises.

This introductory course will provide you with the basic knowledge of each species, correct nutrition, correct accommodation, UV and heating, hibernation, parasites and diseases and treatments and prevention methods.

This course is designed to provide aspiring tortoise keepers the basic knowledge needed to care for a range of different tortoise species. This course is suitable for anyone that is looking at becoming a tortoise keeper or has limited to no experience with tortoises.

A keen interest and a positive attitude to learn.

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Lunch is not provided so remember to bring a packed lunch if you wish, although there are catering outlets available at college.
This is a hands on course so please wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.

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