NPTC Felling Small Trees up to 380mm: Four-day course

Course overview

This course is designed to prepare a novice chainsaw user for City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate of Competence in Felling Small Trees up to 380mm.

Merrist Wood has developed an excellent reputation for arboriculture expertise and coupled with our award-winning Learning Philosophy, we are able to offer a practical education, tailored to your needs.

Courses are taught by experienced, highly skilled tutors who attend annual industry training programmes. The arboriculture workshops are fully resourced and the pro-active approach of the department ensures that all the chainsaws and related tools and equipment are up-to-date. Our worksites, located close to the campus, have been specifically chosen for the course, and are a mixture of plantation and open grown trees providing a realistic practical environment in preparation for the assessment.

The course includes:

  • risk assessments and emergency procedures on a work site
  • selecting and preparing equipment required for safe and effective felling
  • felling small trees safely and accurately using appropriate methods
  • felling trees weighted in the direction of fall using safe techniques
  • felling trees weighted against the direction of fall using safe techniques
  • removing branches safely in a manner appropriate to the branching habit
  • crosscutting stems accurately and safely to a given length and diameter specification
  • stacking timber using appropriate manual handling techniques
  • taking down hung-up trees safely using appropriate hand tools

The course tuition fee does not include the National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC ) registration or assessment fees.

Please note: If you wish to take the assessment at the end of this course and qualify for your Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card and certificate, you will need to pay a registration and assessment fee.

  • Registration: £33.00
  • Assessment: £110.00

Therefore, if you are paying for registration and assessment, with the addition of the tuition fee of £540.00, total fees would be £683.00.

All fees are payable to us.

Through a variety of practical and theory lessons.

You could go on to other arboriculture or related courses

The cost includes all instruction and use of equipment but not NPTC registration and assessment fees or use of personal protective clothing, which can be hired from the college for an extra cost.

Course Starts in 39 Days
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